Because each wedding cake is custom made according to flavors, number of servings and design details, I am unable to provide a set price list. My minimum order price is $150, but wedding cakes generally start around $300 because they have more servings than a typical celebration cake. The average investment for most couples is between $500 and $650 plus delivery and set-up. 

These prices reflect an average range for a one-of-a-kind custom wedding cake. If you are planning a smaller celebration, or looking for something simple yet stunning, I offer a pre-designed selection of Signature Cakes that can be ordered HERE.

A note on servings: As you probably know, the size of your cake will be influenced by the number of guests at your wedding. A good rule of thumb is to cater to about 80% of your guests as not everyone will eat cake. This number may also be influenced by the type of dinner you are planning and the extent of your bar service. If you are planning a plated dinner service and cake is your only dessert, you will require a slice of cake for each guest, as it will be plated and served like the meal. However, if your dinner is a more casual affair, you are offering a dessert table, and/or you are offering full bar service, you probably won’t require as much cake. 

One more note on servings: different bakeries will use different serving charts, therefore it is not useful to compare per serving prices. It is more appropriate to compare the level of service and design you can expect to receive from your cake designer.

If you are looking for that “WOW” factor and wish to have something bigger than your serving amount requires, adding dummy tiers is a great way to achieve that look. However, unlike a common myth, they aren’t any cheaper to create. Dummy tiers are decorated in the same way as real cake, and therefore, take the same amount of time – or more – to create. Once the price of styrofoam is added to the equation, the price generally equals what a real cake would cost.

Likewise, if you have a large guest list and would prefer a smaller cake or have a budget you need to consider, the remaining servings can be made up of kitchen cakes. These are single tiers of cake in the same 4 layers of cake and 3 layers of filling to match the flavors of your wedding cake. They can be added to any order to make up additional servings, however, I do ask that your wedding cake provide at least 80% of the total servings you need before adding kitchen cakes to your order. And I kindly ask that I be the only provider of cake at your event.

** any tiers larger than 12” in diameter will be made of dummy cakes and kitchen cakes will be provided for those servings.
Minimum order: $300
When time permits, I also take orders for celebration cakes – minimum order: $150 – please use the contact form to enquire.